Let’s Get Critical

My goal for this fall is to edit, edit, edit. I have plenty of first drafts saved up in my giant WRITING folder (yes, it’s in all caps), but there’s not a lot of edited material lurking in those files. The reason? Possibly because I believe there’s an amazing story hiding in me and I just have to write a lot of bad stuff to unearth the great stuff. (Actually, this is probably true.) But also, let’s face it, editing is hard. Why dwell and obsess over a paragraph or sentence or word… or character or motivation… if you can just start fresh with a new piece? Well, obviously because editing is required in order to refine a story or tale. No one’s first draft is ever solid gold. OK, perhaps an author or two exists (in fantasy land) who can sit down, write a draft, and be done. But for me, and I assume most writers, it takes editing, and quite a lot of it, to get a piece to a stage where it’s not entirely too embarrassing to show around.

And showing even mid-stages of writing to others is still a little embarrassing. That said, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and post some partially edited writing anyway. AND the good news for you, lovely reader, is since I’m not posting something that I feel is 100% (or even 75%) finished or polished or fancy, I’m also open to comments and feedback.

Seriously. Hit me. Send me your thoughts and (constructive) criticism. If you don’t want to post in the comments below a story, email me (MoonTickets@gmail.com). I promise I will love it. Workshopping classes have really helped me learn to enjoy all kinds of feedback, especially specific comments. For example, if you tell me my story is cheesy, I’ll want to know what specifically was cheesy. Unless it’s a whole story about cheese. Then the cheesiness is probably intentional. Or, if there’s a place you got lost or confused, or something you read that was unclear, point me to it. The best part is that your feedback will help me with my goal to edit!

Of course, you may read something and not be inspired to share any feedback. That’s cool too. I’m just happy you read it!

OK, off I go to find some stuff to work on and post.


P.S. If the title of this post is too similar to the lyrics of an Olivia Newton-John song from the 80s and that song is now stuck in your head… I apologize. But at least we’re in the same boat. What’s worse is that I’m only vaguely familiar with said song, so really only the first three words of the chorus are stuck going through my head. Hurray!

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