Website Revamp 13.0

I’ve re-themed and am intensely excited by how fantastic it looks. I was going to just post this casually on twitter and Facebook, but decided I couldn’t let this update slip under the radar: it deserves a whole post about it. Plus, I couldn’t skip the chance to use my robot image, which I’ve decided should be the image for all website updates.

Speaking of images, this new blog layout provides a featured image for each post – many of which didn’t previously have any photographic accompaniment. I love the look of this, so I’m making it my goal to add images for past posts. I’ve worked through those that appear on the first page of Recent Posts, and will be continuing to work through old posts. It’s likely I’ll just default to a pic of my typewriter for all creative writing posts. We’ll see.

What else? I have a few posts in the queue that are nearly ready to be published as well, so fun things are happening!

Thanks for stopping by!

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