Writing has always been an outlet for my overactive imagination. You get to play pretend and then shape those resulting rough ideas into a story. I love losing track of time and immersing myself in the crafting of words, characters, and situations. And then moving on to editing to push my prose a little further, ensuring my thoughts are clearly communicated to the reader.

This website began as a blog with journal entries and posts of my writing. It’s now evolved into several categories:

Creative Writing – poetry, short fiction, science fiction, etc. I mostly avoid posting a lot of these writings on my website, because eventually when I get back into the practice of submitting my pieces for publication, a post here could technically count toward a work being previously published (disliked by some publishers who want content to be brand new). However, occasionally I enjoy throwing some of my work up here, just to show some of what I’m working on.

VegAndrle – my journey as a vegan. I went vegan overnight and woke up on November 12, 2015 firm in my decision to never (knowingly!) consume animals or their byproducts. My first goal was to find delicious vegan recipes and meals to ensure veganism was a lifestyle I could enjoy and stick with. My commitment to veganism is now augmented by a more health-conscious approach toward diet (most days!), a compassionate view toward all animals, and a realization of the environmental effects of the Standard American Diet. I try not to lecture or condemn others for not being vegan (hello, I was about as non-vegan as I could be for the first 30-some years of my life!), but rather relay my own experiences and realizations as I grow and evolve as a vegan.

Midimalism – my efforts to find a middle-of-the-road approach to minimalism. I’m constantly intrigued by minimalism, but find that no matter how much I wish my surroundings were a minimalists’ haven, that objective is still out of reach. By coming to terms with the fact that I may never be a minimalist, I’ve realized that I’m OK with being something close, but not quite. Thus “Midimalism” was born, and here you can find my thoughts, struggles, and observations as I work toward having – and being surrounded by – the right balance of “stuff.”

General life musings and updates – many posts with this tag/category were once part of my old website(s) (previously, How to be a Proper Lady and Broccolitarian Universe – yes, seriously). Now featuring website updates, random crafty projects, writing goals, and freak encounters with nature leading me to believe I can communicate with birds because of my tattoos.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you see anything that you like, dislike, find intriguing, find confusing, or completely disagree with, I welcome any and all comments – especially constructive feedback.